What THEY are saying...

"This was our first event at this venue. We had a good time. The acting was very good. We will definitely be back to this venue for future shows."

"Absolutely wonderful performances and I would highly recommend it to anyone."

"We enjoyed the show tremendously. The acting was great as was the production. This was our first visit to this venue and we will most definitely return. We highly recommend this theatre for a casual evening of great entertainment."

"Staff was excellent! I was running a bit late but the front door guy was gracious and helped me with my ticket quickly and effortlessly."

"Go watch this play if you have ever been in a relationship. This was not just a play about a husband cheating on his wife and family. This was about balancing our desires to pursue individual happiness with the promises we made to our loved ones till death do we part. We have all been there questioning if we made the right choices and can identify with each of the characters."

These comments were made by audience members who attended the DINNER WITH FRIENDS   

"Clever, witty, creative! Acting was A+." "Funny, talented cast!"  "The three actors really made it look easy to pull off so many characters, very enjoyable."

said about SCRAMBLED EGGS - Roar of the crowd winner.

"Hats off to Northside Theatre Company for picking a property that actually challenges the audience while it entertains. Plus, you probably won't see a better ensemble cast this season.. Kudos to an excellent cast and a brave theater company for taking this on."

And Baby Makes Seven
"Excellent Cast, Smart Play"
From Steve S.  Sunnyvale, CA, Apr 27, 2010

"Howling funny" 

San Jose Mercury News, about Sylvia Oct. 11, 2009

"Northside is the most soulful small theatre in the South Bay."

John Angell Grant, Theater Reviewer

Palo Alto Daily News 2009

 The Cemetery Club

Northside Theatre Company's latest offering is sweet, charming, 

engaging, touching, gentle and poignant. This is a top-notch cast.

"The Cemetery Club" is a quiet play, an introspective production that is worth seeing,

especially with so fine a cast.

by Fred Crow  5/07/09   The Milpitas Post 

The Unexpected Guest

This was a strong ensemble cast that played well together, and alone.

Attend the "The Unexpected Guest" and you can expect boffo performances by some talented artisans of the stage. Northside Theatre does Christie proud. Be quick, the show is pretty much selling out.

by Fred Crow  2/18/09   The Milpitas Post 

Over River and through the Woods.

   Funny and touching story that hits way close to home. It will make you laugh and fight tears and think about it for days after. Go see it.       

The actors, particularly the two grandmothers, were so true to their roles. Delightful!  by Kathleen Thorne

Wholesome play with good characters, easy to relate to. Very intimate venue so you can appreciate the acting. by G. Stevens

It was a very funny play. The cast was good and the set was great. Definately high end community theater. Go and Enjoy!  by Peter Rothenberg

This was a delightful performance carried in large part by seasoned actors. Nick was highly believable and related well to the Grandparents. I went because I am a fan of the playwright. Once again he entertained with a blend of humor and poinancy. He really has a knack of capturing human nature.  I love that Richard Orlando greets each and every guest personally at the door. Congratulations on 30 years Richard!   by Pat Y.

"The cast is exceptional. The performance was very well acted and easily as good if not better than plays I've seen in Chicago and San Francisco. To see theater this good at such a low price is astonishing."  

  David Tull about Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf at Goldstar Reviews 2008

"Sugar Witch a standout show...Northside Theatre Company's comic horror play scores."

John Angell Grant, Theater Reviewer

Palo Alto Daily News 2007

"I suggest you put down your burden, cease from your toils and make haste to attend..."
W. Fred Crow -the Milpitas Post

"It is important. It is good theater. And it is worth attending."

"Keep up the great work, Richard!! This year's Dickens' "Christmas Carol" was awesome. Best in over ten years! Scrooge's transformation was superb!! Fantastic cast, set, lights, costumes, acting singing, timing... Wonderful --- saw it twice!!"

Austin Marx 12-27-06 a long tme patron

“Dynamic and fun to watch. Massian actually drew wolf whistles from the audience.” 

(The Last Night of Ballyhood)

Metro 10/25/04 Marianne Messina

“..touching and funny...transcends outdated premises....a seamless flow“

(The Rainmaker)
Metro 4/20/05 Marianne Messina

“A joyus bundle of crisp fun and intelligence.” (12th Night)
Milpitas Post 2/17/05 Fred Crow

"Director Richard Orlando, Joe Hudson (Taylor) and Kevin Kennedy (Harold) present a masterful and touching production. " (K2 Feb. 2002)

W. Fred Crow -the Milpitas Post

"Northside is among 'the best and the brightest' around the Bay"

San Jose Mercury News

"I suggest you put down your burden, cease from your toils and make haste to attend..."

W. Fred Crow - the Milpitas Post

"Northside Theatre Company continues to do an outstanding job ."

Mayor Susan Hammer

"You people are a wonderful asset to the community."

Hewlett Packard

"It is important. It is good theater. And it is worth attending."

the Milpitas Post

"If your ensemble performed on the Geary Stage, and we had been told it was an ACT production, we would have believed it! Thank you so much!"

from a patron's letter

"Your work is the magic of theatre come true."

Los Altos Town Crier

"The appropriateness and quality of your plays have given our staff the confidence to bring our children the hour each direction of travel time that is necessary...Your productions are exciting, new adventures."

Odd Fellows Childrens'Home

"We were much impressed by the diligence, dedication, patience and professionalism displayed by your instructors."

PTA Chairperson

"We have had tremendous, positive feedback regarding your enjoyable productions and look forward to participating in your Family Pass program for many years to come."

Child Advocates

"We are indebted to you. At Northside, it is for the first time in her life that our daughter has found acceptence...based upon her abilities, rather than her disabilities. Richard Orlando sees our daughter as handicapable, not handicapped."


"Northside is a small treasure...San Jose is lucky to have it."


"You offer abundant inspiration for the community."


"Northside has nothing going for it, but talent, taste and creativity."

Los Altos Town Crier

"Just thought I'd drop a little note to tell you how much my children and I enjoyed 'Much Ado About Nothing'. My 7-year old says, she wants to grow up to be "just like Beatrice." It was quite a powerful performance, and your Beatrice is quite a powerful actress to have affected a 7-year old like that! Here's to positive female role models! Thank You!"

Erikka Mann

"This production makes you realize just how great a play it is."

patron attending Our Town

"I gave in to my 'cultrued' wife, came to your play expecting to sleep, and instead left walking on air and unable to wipe the smile off my face! I was transfixed!"

from a happy patron