Northside Theatre Company is a non-profit corporation, 501(c)3

our federal id number is: 94-2882450

How to Donate Directly

Send Donations to:

Northside Theatre Company

848 East William Street

San Jose, CA 95116

(Make checks payable to Northside Theatre Company)

You will receive a receipt and all donations are deductible. You may, if you wish, specify where you want your money to be spent and that request will be honored. Funds not specifically directed will be placed in the general fund and used at the discretion of the administration.

Donate items to our EBAY Auction so that we can keep our auction active all year long. Items should have a value of $25 or more. We will pick up. Call (408) 288-7820.


Many stores will give Northside two percent of the  purchases you make at those stores with credit, debit or (preferred) store cards. It's simple!  You buy...and Northside receives!  All you have to do is go on line and follow the steps described below. The web site is secure. There is no risk.  You will incur no additional cost.  If you buy groceries, you can help us!

Here's how much it can mean to Northside.  If 100 families signed up to support Northside, and each family spent about $600 a month at their participating store,  Northside's (2%) share of the total purchases each year would be about $14,000.  We could get an awful lot of help...without any additional cost on your part!  Help that would allow us to continue to do good work for the community.

ESCRIP sign up directions
1. Log on to: www.escrip.com and click sign up at the top of the page.
2. Enter Northside Theatre Company in the dialoge box, next to group I D and click search.
3. The search will return an entry for Northside Theatre Company. Click the Northside link, then click next.
4. Complete the required information on the contact form and click next.
5. Enter your grocery store club cards and click next.
6. Enter your credit or debit cards and click next.
7. Enter your Chevron card and click next.
8. Confirm the information you have entered and click confirm.